Marta Guesthouse was born from a dream.
It is a hope and certain feeling, that through saving an old house,
we give something valuable back to the world and do Good to OurSelves.
Mai-Liis, the owner

Marta Guesthouse has found a home in a traditional wooden building,
which has been built in 1901 (architekt Konstantin Wilcken).
Our goal is to save the old house, preserve its atmosphere and share the experience with our guests.
We are until now constantly improving and I hope dreams and ideas never end. Soon there will be a small sauna for our beloved guests, in the small and beautiful garden with apple-trees..

The philosophy of the Guesthouse is to provide a place, where the Guest could feel the spirit of an old,
with Love restored wooden house.
The aim is not to "over-renovate" the house, but keep the special feeling..

Gösta Gierow writes in his book "Wooden houses of Tallinn": "In the year 2000 I came for the first time and I have since then returned with regular intervals. My aim has been to document in drawings some of this special architecture. The old houses disappear one by one, namely, and I am probably doing this in the last minute... Because in these quarters there is a lot of construction going on! There is tearing down and cleaning up, also restoration, one has to admit, but above all, there is new construction! Which are the principles that guide the demolition and preservation? Is there time,
a will in an expanding phase to preserve historical and cultural values that do not immediately allow for an exchange into economic profitability?"

NB! NEW! We are happy to announce, that we are the very first "Vegan Guesthouse" in Tallinn, in Estonia! It means not only, that in our Cafe (which will be opened in summer) we start to serve healthy plant-based dishes, but also that in every little detail we will contribute to the idea to reduce any kind of suffering of animals. No feather pillows, no leather furniture etc.

Staying at MARTA GUESTHOUSE, you will contribute to the restoration of this historic house!